Mum needs something even if she doesn’t ask. Getting a gift on Mother’s Day is not just a perfect excuse to show appreciation but to show you she is constantly in your thoughts. We would share a few gift ideas that you can get at The Junction Mall for mama this year.

A Wax material from Woodin: With a plethora of patterns and styles, you are left with many options. However, you should know what colours resonate with her.
A perfume from Essenza: Perfumes are great too. Which is why we will be sharing just a few in here. Si by Giorgio Armani, Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs and Gucci Bloom. They are quite pricy but mama is worth every Cedi, so flip the wallet and let the POS do its thing.
Some of you may have noticed a few things working not so smoothly or quite frankly needs change during last visit to mama. Perhaps a Gas cooker? Then Bosch will be your best bet at The Junction Mall. There are options of 4 or 5 burner gas cookers.
How about hanging out with mama for those with very tight schedules or haven’t had quality time with mama in a while? Bonding time with mama makes all the difference over a good meal. Barcelos, KFC and foods Inn and Piano Bar will do the trick, particularly when your siblings, spouses and kids are included. Family time is priceless and mama will never forget that in a hurry. The latter will treat you to some local delicacies such as Neat Fufu and Goat meat, Red Red, Banku and Tilapia.
Finally, before we confuse you with too many ideas, especially for daughters. This is a different type of bonding with mama which is a bit exclusive. A massage and facial treatment at Exotic Trends. Book for two today and savour the treatment tomorrow while sharing moments with mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. We LOVE you unconditionally.

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