He is the husband, uncle, brother

  1. You and dad deserve quality “us time” while enjoying the finest of meals at our food court. The food court houses brands such as Barcelos, KFC, Chicken Inn, Vida Caffe
  1. Sports and men go together like butter and toast. Buying him sports items and facilities at Decathlon is something he will not forget in a hurry.
  1. Exploring the special offers of perfumes sold at Essenza and Galaxxy Perfumery is a shopping trip we highly recommend for stylish fathers finicky about the perfumes they wear.
  1. An interior upgrade is one unique way of appreciating dad; he certainly will not be expecting that. If this sounds like you, then Ashfoam at The Junction Mall is your preferred destination.
  1. If Dad is into phones and gadgets, that’s easy. Tecno and Telefonika have got a plethora of gadgets to choose from.
  1. Looking good is good business.

Gift dad with outfits and other accessories when you Explore XBase, Levi and TM Lewin.

  1. There must be something to pick up for dad at Woodin or Nallem. Colourful and indigenous ones at that.
  1. Buy your groceries from Shoprite and surprise daddy with one of his favourite home cooked food.
  1. Who says dads don’t deserve pampering too? It’s not only advised, it’s long overdue. And Exotic trends is just the place to get this sorted!
  1. Do something different! This is the essence of coming to The Junction Mall. Then share your experience on our social media pages with the hashtag #joinexploreshopenjoy and we may just get In touch with some goodies!

father day

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